Indoor motocross facility may come to Indiana, Kingsbury

Plans are in the works for an indoor motocross facility in the Kingsbury Industrial Park.

And developers are hoping for a November of 2012 opening.

Carl Spicer, a former business owner in South Bend, said the planned project, which has yet to be finalized, involves the construction of a 83,000 square foot facility in the Kingsbury Industrial Park, located by the current Dirt Mx outdoor motocross track.

He said the building would include a 50,000 square foot track to accommodate pro-amature motocross riders during the winter months, an audience seating capacity between 500 to 1,000 and a full concession stand (basically a small restaurant). Spicer said there are roughly 7,000 motocross riders in the region who would be serviced by this facility.

A former motocross rider himself, who now has a son in the sport, he said this really fulfills a need in the area.

“This past weekend we road outdoors at the mercy of the weather,” he said. “Over the next couple of weeks my son will ride indoors. We have to travel to a couple states and even those facilities are subpar in nature.”

He said the facility they like to use is in Ohio.

Ram Jam Sportsplex

Ram Jam Sportsplex near Cleveland Ohio is an indoor Arenacross style track

Spicer said his planned facility would also cater to unseated pro-racers who didn’t qualify for national competition. He said he plans to have series races once a month from November through April to engage these riders and give them a chance to compete.

According to Spicer, designs for the new facility are finished and most of the bidding is done. He is currently working with a possible investor on finalizing the project.

The property has yet to be purchased.

If everything goes through, Spicer plans to purchase the current Dirt Mx property too.


The planned name for the new facility is Kingsbury Mx.

For more information on the project, contact Spicer at 574-303-8203.

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