2014 AMA Supercross Rd 1 Anaheim 1 – 450 Main Event (OFFICIAL HD 720p)

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43 Responses to "2014 AMA Supercross Rd 1 Anaheim 1 – 450 Main Event (OFFICIAL HD 720p)"

  1. TheSEKMedia says:

    Alessi’s didn’t feel like bringing the lazer light to Supercross huh? I
    guess their season is pretty much over then.

  2. scottk199 says:

    Awesome job @MOTOWorld thanks for the upload!!

  3. Boris Cortez says:

    JS7 is a great rider but he’s not going to be a championship contender if
    he makes mistakes like that…. The whoops section was slippery and was
    rutted and at the speed he was going it was pretty obvious he was going to
    crash… He’s insanely fast but all that goes to waste if you don’t have
    the patience and if you make choices like that… He had a couple of laps
    to go, he should have p****ed him where he p****ed Dungey or Reed because it
    looked like he was comfortable there but props to Roczen for the win

  4. TheHypnotstCollector says:

    Stewart began in 18th with Barcia next to him. He made 9 p****es on the
    first lap. If he will keep the shiny side up he is the man. But that is a
    real issue.

  5. Niko Bellic says:

    Stewart starting the season off the same way he ended it last year, on the
    ground…villipoto crashing at A1 again..

  6. Motocross and Supercross says:

    2014 AMA Supercross Rd 1 Anaheim 1 – 450 Main Event

  7. davidstubeshow says:

    as usual stewart crashes

  8. Gianluca Colomo says:

    Stewart went down? Are you kidding me???

  9. Xvalt3d says:

    JS7 killed it but his tendency of crashing is ruining it all. 

  10. Daniel Ramirez says:

    Js7 just had bad luck, nothing he could do, he was pushing hard to p**** and
    just had bad luck

  11. M4TT4TT4CK6161 says:

    Where is millsaps? Still recovering from surgery?

  12. deegan463 says:

    Good to see Chad Reed out there still!

    First time he raced American Supercross on a 125 was in 2002! ****!!!!! 12
    years in the AMA, and after all the big crashes, he keeps comin’ back.

  13. adam swaylo says:

    lets go chado!!! stewy looking fast and could be back to the old days… just
    gotta keep it on 2 wheels! chad to warm to the kawi and take the season

  14. TheScp5000 says:

    new year new reed

  15. Matthias Schulze says:

    ****it james!

  16. Brandon George says:

    This is the fastest I’ve seen Stewart in a really long time. I believe he
    will be in contention all year long

  17. witaya silom says:

    ++ James Stewart
    James is the fastest rider

  18. mat sav says:

    you guys are over thinking that crash with bubba, his back end hit a rut
    at a dodgy angle and skipped out, by that point, and that speed, there was
    **** all he could do.. just pure back luck in my opinion.. JS7 is the
    quickest there, just unlucky

  19. D fitz says:

    Dont know why James did not finish though?

  20. Trooperx86 says:

    Everyone is talking about Stewart…. What about Roczen! That boy is gonna
    be awesome in coming years! He already is.

  21. ninja2kernow says:

    great job,wish you had put the podiums on,maybe next time .watching in

  22. SiNeExForLife says:

    Roczen! <3

  23. xllitee says:

    maybe i’m a little outdated… but when did reed join kawasaki? and why?

  24. TreVon Blaylock says:

    same old Stewart…..Crash and burn!!!! His Brother is following his lead.

  25. OhhhLZR says:

    For everyone that is saying “bubba on the ground again” he was ushering
    that line at the same speed all night it was just very unlucky for him that
    he lost traction

  26. Zantboii says:

    Stewart is still the best, i bet he wins next .**** you haters.

  27. BassJoga24 says:

    ricky once said ‘ james stewart is the fastest riders on the track’
    while amateur riders ‘ james stewart always crashin he’s not fast ‘ lol
    suck dog **** 

  28. MotoHD says:

    Being fast doesn’t mean **** if you can’t keep it on two wheels. People
    always say he’s a two time champ or he’s got 44 wins, but they forget that
    he won those when he didn’t race like a complete jack****. He completely had
    Roczen and the win if he was patient, but he got anxious, rode stupid, and
    crashed out. He might be fast, but he doesn’t ride smart enough to be
    consistent. He’s a danger to himself and everyone else on the track when he
    rides like he does so I have no sympathy for when he crashes. 

  29. EPICxLOLLIE says:

    James is the fastest rider in my opinion but he crashes a lot now.

  30. aoo97 says:

    It dosent matter if your fast when you crash every race.

  31. TheWickedcore says:

    Thanks from sweden :D

  32. Mathieu Barrette says:

    Thanks a million times 

  33. alfredostra says:

    Chad Reed on a kawi

  34. Tiago Motocross says:

    15:51 Black Hoodie’s Face lol

  35. LazyAss724 says:

    When JS7 entered that side of the whoops I had a feeling he was going to

  36. Luis Carlos Vilchez says:

    JS7 is the best

  37. Joshua Schmidt says:

    Stewart once again was the faster rider but crashes. Just like 2013, I mean
    2012, I mean 2011… He is still fun to watch though

  38. Corey58MX says:

    are you uploading the heats and stuff? and thanks for the hd uploads!!

  39. Bob B. says:

    thx for uploading! BUT bad quality …video loading in the middel?! its
    verry silent and laggy …and verry short …i like to see some inteviws
    after the race and one minute befor the race start! so i thinnk next time i
    take an other upload – sorry :) mg from germany

  40. IPVG says:

    what a start to the motocross season!

  41. Dave Riverdog says:

    Thanks from Italy. Ciao

  42. Luca Paolini says:

    Thanks from italy.
    I ‘ m waiting for phoenix


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