250 vs 250F – At Redbud Motocross (2 stroke vs 4 stroke)

Chad Jeralds and Dillon Finley battling it out at Redbud MX in the 250A class. http://www.dirtbikeaddicts.com http://www.facebook.com/DirtBikeAddicts.

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12 Responses to "250 vs 250F – At Redbud Motocross (2 stroke vs 4 stroke)"

  1. ImUrHuckle says:

    Hi I have never rode before, but I am looking to buy my first dirt bike.
    Can anyone recommend me a good but cheap first bike, and what would you
    suggest a 2 or 4 stroke?

  2. dave gerdes says:

    For you young guys out there, the Maico700 is why MX has the rules it does
    today. rue the day you raced a 2stroke! lol

  3. Greg Asher says:

    Great Vid. Ive always wanted to ride this track it always looks sick!

  4. Hans611 says:

    HOLY **** rev limiter (sounds sick though)

  5. Jonathan Schoenly says:

    now have the riders switch bikes to help compare!

  6. XemptPyro says:

    Great race, but gotta say 4strokes<3

  7. Alex Gildea says:

    2 stroke >4 stroke 

  8. Tyler Jackson says:

    wouldnt that be a 125 and a 250f?

  9. dave gerdes says:

    2 strokes rule! 4 strokes sound like a bad fart lol ;)

  10. Emily Merica says:

    FIRST COMMENT #stillcutedoe

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