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The Thailand MXGP fitted in a new class for motocross that uses modified mini roadbikes that are made here in Thailand. The owners then customise them for of…

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49 Responses to "A New Kind of Motocross – vurbmoto"

  1. erealpe13 says:

    I wouldn’t call it “NEW” it’s just people who can’t afford a mx bike so the
    found a way to be able to participate in the sport by using an scooter but
    I don’t even think is safe.

  2. 563ripper says:

    Everyone is hating bc they know they’d get p****ed by the scooter guys

  3. JackBmxc says:

    Legit wtf did I just watch?!?

  4. Spencer Leitch says:

    This was a waste of 2:16 of my life :$ I hope this **** doesnt catch on lol

  5. Nigel Naughton says:

    This can’t be Thailand! They are wearing helmets and no one is driving in
    the opposite direction…Impossible. Where are all the food stands,
    ladyboys and bar girls? You sure this is Thailand?

  6. Dan#278 says:

    Its funny that the riders of the G-cl**** dont have money for a real Bike,
    but wearing the newest FOX clothes,boots etc.

    look at the past of Germany. In the GDR the people havent a chance to get
    bikes from the big companies, so they made their own MX bikes and they were
    really good and their still running.

    that thai bikes are crap, cant even hit a double without snapping in half.

  7. romanisaboss says:

    What the **** lol

  8. Randy Witt says:

    Hahaha! Alright then…

  9. vurbmoto says:

    The Thailand MXGP has introduced a new kind of MX with modified mini-bikes
    that are all over south-east Asia

  10. James Filsell says:

    Hahaha wtf!

  11. Jake Ellis says:


  12. Keith Richardson says:

    Only Thailand hahaha 

  13. Ryan Laney says:

    And they’re beating kids on real bikes! Hahahahaha

  14. vance cook says:

    If u look closely the scooters are so front end heavy that they tip way
    forward if they get any air. 

  15. Pim Schoeber says:

    The vid is on a pitbike. But derbi’s , puch, scooter participated too. So
    check my channel , i would love that

  16. jnuxca says:

    oh god why?

  17. Django Vaal says:

    So… the FIM actually lost their mind this year? Maybe they should get
    FULL STARTING GRIDS for the world championship and NORMAL PRICES FOR

  18. Mac Fly says:

    Are you kidding me ?

  19. Samuel Wahyu says:

    people been doing this in indonesia for a while.. because bikes like KXF /
    CRF etc super expensive here..

  20. kx250fmotocross says:

    *facepalm* -_-

  21. Dabraapman says:

    Haha thats ****in awesome

  22. Vhzyy says:


  23. Sam Blundell says:


  24. Brenden Clark says:

    This is a disgrace to motocross.

  25. Axxis171 says:

    This isn’t new. If you had lived in South East Asia for the past 10-20
    years you would have certainly seen it before. Young kids (and many adults)
    here can’t afford real MX bikes so they take whatever they have and modify
    them accordingly. This is called P****ION and although many in the western
    part of the world think they are too cool for it people here will do
    whatever it takes to be part of it. NO EXCUSES!

  26. Mark Leenheer says:


  27. kieran lerwill says:

    The bikes look ****..

  28. ltrmalaysia says:

    This is actually common in South East Asia, here in Malaysia its called
    “cub-cross”. A much cheaper alternative to motocross bikes.

  29. GreenPlanet416 says:

    In the Philippines its called Underbone cl****

  30. QuagerMX says:

    Looks hilariously fun. Not sure why there were some legit MX bikes on the
    line with them though…?

  31. Phillip Gelinas says:

    I dont get it

  32. jorgepdm says:

    A New Kind of Motocross

  33. Gilang Yudha says:

    asian called this GR****TRACK…

  34. raindog mutt says:

    We’ll alrighty then…

  35. Luuk k says:

    looks like a moppet cl**** on the gp of thailand, in the netherlands you
    also have them some times everybody laughs ad them for riding a moppet
    instead of a real dirt chopper 

  36. popopop824 says:

    hey it would probably be fun, i dont get why everyones hating. Who cares
    what theyre riding its supposed to be about fun not looking the coolest

  37. aditya nugraha says:

    yep, this is not new. People in south east asia especially had been done
    this for the last 20 more years. You can ask Paul Malin or even Tortelli
    for this one, back in the days when world MX were held in Indonesia between
    1995-1997. This kind of bike were the supporting cl**** for the race. Here
    in south east asia, buying a real mx bike were so expesinve (until today),
    so people who love to ride a dirt bike, modifying their daily used bike to
    do the race. Back in the days, a good mx rider often (in south east asia)
    come from this kind of race. :)

  38. Cyrus1827 says:

    Now this is taking dirt scooter to whole different level lol

  39. Seat Time says:

    Our friend Andrew Trousdale may have a new career after watching this. #WTF

  40. Rider241Mx says:

    I guess if you cant afford an actual dirt bike this is wat u do, this looks
    like it would still be fun to race ur friends on haha

  41. Noah Boudart says:

    Different but kind of stupid can’t even hit a jump

  42. anzahri08 says:

    lol not only in thailand but in the Philippines they do these things too…

  43. vance cook says:

    Holly **** so funnnnyyyyyyyyy!!!

  44. Pim Schoeber says:

    I have a vid made with the gopro so chech my channel.I had the same
    problem. I had no money for a mx bike ( i have now a yz 85) but the races a
    very fun. But the pitbike could handle the heavy loose sand

  45. thewheel246 says:

    good fun

  46. ImZQY says:

    Cool but i hope this **** doesn’t come to North America. 

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