Adam Cianciarulo preps for 2014 Supercross -Motocross Action Magazine

We headed down to the Pro Circuit test track to meet with our buddy Adam Cianciarulo to see how his off season is going and what he is doing to prepare for t…

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14 Responses to "Adam Cianciarulo preps for 2014 Supercross -Motocross Action Magazine"

  1. arturo9826 says:

    how old is Adam?

  2. Omar camacho says:

    Music selection was perfect :D

  3. arkidmcfc says:

    All the arty camera angles are cool for the first couple dozen p****es but
    maybe you could try panning out for a minute and showing a hot lap of the
    kid. That would be good to see.

  4. Donny Groothedde says:

    He likes blink 182, also the song is whats my age again from blink 182
    pretty cool

  5. donjantzen says:

    He… is part of the reason why I hate kids! Ha-ha…that, and I am old and
    slow… can’t wait to see what his future holds….

  6. M4TT4TT4CK6161 says:

    can’t wait

  7. Torsten Demeyere says:

    Can you make it visible for mobile pls?

  8. motohead342 says:

    kids gonna be a giant. I think Buscheglia will be the next King. I probably
    spelled his name wrong. Did it phonetically. 

  9. TheBlazinA says:

    What ever happened to metal. Now its all rapping and miley ciris crap

  10. blomgren182 says:

    Haha Adam is a cool dude! 

  11. Mateo Nicholls says:

    just want to see adam and cooper battle personally I’m team cooper 

  12. ivanasw1 says:

    this boy will fail

  13. axel samperi says:

    he isn’t even fast.

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