Ama Supercross 2014 RD7 Arlington 450 Main Event Part 1

part 2 http://youtu.be/EFohiB_gYK8 250main part 1 http://youtu.be/KY0gDkOjFiM.

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19 Responses to "Ama Supercross 2014 RD7 Arlington 450 Main Event Part 1"

  1. CBMRACING972 says:

    Really neat idea recording your tv with a camera. Why not just buy the
    capture card they are only like $150 dollars.

  2. SimonMics says:

    Very very BAD coverage fro Fox, from the beginning of the year. Always
    missing the most important action. 

  3. thomas paris says:

    Thank you Bro from Paris France!!! 

  4. corey clark says:

    Ricky Carmichael is right. We expect villopoto to be fighting for the lead
    each race. He’s the champ. But man he I was riding like mike alessi about
    to crash all over the place. COME ON CHAMP.

  5. supercross junkie says:

    The evolution of this sport is insane. Like a great batter, or any other
    sport where you have a piece of equipment, these guys now use whips too
    fend off the competition. The 450 cl**** is skilled like never before. I
    have to think RV knows his competition has been crazy stepped up, so he’s
    just looking to maximize points. I can’t handle the super cross withdrawal
    I have in between races. And thanks again for posting the race. 

  6. Dana Thorson says:

    really appreciate you posting

  7. Ken Thorne says:

    It appears Barcia was using his back tire as a weapon, I wonder with all
    the battling going on that they would initiate some kind of law in the

  8. jacob rawson says:

    dude thank you

  9. Ignacio Cardenal says:

    I think the best p**** was Barcia on Roczen, not Stewart on Dungey.

  10. bigrainbow25 says:

    I agree , If you want to try to get some ad sponsors with doing this every
    weekend you and Supercross 2014 need to up grade from the non HD cameras…
    your not doing yourselves any favors filming this low quality video. It
    wont be long and you are going to lose all these watchers…

  11. NeverLeaveNever says:

    thank you so much from Germany :)

  12. renomike55 says:

    Thanks for posting! Nothing like waking up to watch the race only to find
    out it recorded an old one. Good job bro, much appreciated!!!

  13. Tom Smith says:

    great quality, nice work dude!!

  14. Jesse Hicks says:

    Anyone say what the **** when the camera moved off Stewart just before he
    hucked the triple after the finish.

  15. JR113FTW says:

    pretty quick

  16. Stefan Einarsson says:

    did anyone else notice how fast barcia goes into the whoops? thats sick

  17. Roman Izaboss says:

    5:53 Barcia Scrubbed Roczen!!

  18. Curtis Kenyon says:

    Why in the world did Barcia throw his rear wheel at Roczen like that!
    Thats a great way to kill someone…

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