Arlington Supercross 2014 – 450 Main Event Rd7

https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/supercross-motocross-updates/id803372076?mt=8 Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_MRVC_lU4U&feature=youtu.be Arlington S…

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22 Responses to "Arlington Supercross 2014 – 450 Main Event Rd7"

  1. sejlefrew says:

    I think it’s **** quality because it has just been uploaded. 720/1080 will
    be available soon.

  2. Alejandro Saavedra says:

    720p??? Where is it??

  3. Supercross 2014 says:

    Watch the races right on your phone by clicking the link in the
    description! Part 2 is also in the description. Don’t forget to give me a
    thumbs up! HD Videos coming tomorrow

  4. Shawn Powell says:

    The sad part is Reed would have done good on a track like this. He’s great
    at technical throttle control tracks. I bet he would have been there to
    push Stewart and to put a wheel in on him. And I’m not even a big Reed fan.
    Just the facts. But will have to say he’s great for the sport and seems to
    have matching speed this year with the top runners. Even the first race.
    Get Trey canard and millsap back and it’s a toss up in the top ten
    finishes.. awesome field of racers.

  5. Levi Awe says:

    **** quality made me subscribe to someone else :/

  6. Megan O'Malley says:

    Thanks for posting these videos so quick and in such great quality dude.

  7. Alex Sender says:

    heat races ? thx

  8. E Taylor says:

    thanks for the post

  9. Hiatus38 says:

    06:00 dat whip

  10. Oliver Åslund says:

    360p ?

  11. Skru Yu says:


  12. junior saraiva says:


  13. looper148 says:

    It’s a shame that we have such a talented field of riders yet they can’t
    battle each other because of how slippy the track is..

  14. Curtisdixondrummer says:

    The video quality is absolutely atrocious. And where are the rest of the
    races? Pretty boring just seeing the main straight away. 

  15. Stewie G says:

    did you record this with a potato? because i cant see ****

  16. bigrainbow25 says:

    Megan need s to get her head out of this guys crotch (no doubt his girl
    friend) and tell him the quality sucks…. HOW CAN YOU EVER THINK THIS IS
    QUALITY ..

  17. MrNickofWar says:

    Thanks a lot for the fast upload friend!!

  18. Remo Kletzig says:

    Thx for first upload!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from germany!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  19. tmudku says:

    take a deep breath and do the world a favour and quit your job.

  20. Leopoldo Cherobin says:


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