Indianapolis AMA Supercross 2014 – 450 Main Event RD9 (HD 1080p)

Here it is, rd9. All rights go to fox sports Used my capture card for this one. Sorry if it looks a little grainy. SUBSCRIBE I WILL UPLOAD EVERY RACE TILL VE…

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46 Responses to "Indianapolis AMA Supercross 2014 – 450 Main Event RD9 (HD 1080p)"

  1. TheTrueKingKazma says:

    Okay everybody. I would love it if all of you guys could look at this for
    me. I wrote a petition paper for my english cl**** in College and i want to
    see it all the way threw. so i put it up on change.org and am trying to get
    signatures. It is for Honda to bring back the 2-stroke dirt bikes. please
    read it there’s more info on my petition.

  2. keiannschyler says:

    what happen to james there? and also to kenny?

  3. kepong23 says:

    wow. that’s a surprise. diana dahlgreen has her clothes on. lol

  4. Marco Brotto says:

    Have you got the 250 main? please upload that one too ;)

  5. riotmaxxx1984 says:

    alessi goes down! what’s new about him? LOL

  6. keiannschyler says:

    oh poor alessi. don’t hope for a podium. you’re hopeless stupidiot dumb****.
    well done Eli Tomac. amazing race for RV. James, you’re still my number

  7. keiannschyler says:

    oh poor alessi. don’t hope for a podium. you’re hopeless stupidiot dumb****.
    well done Eli Tomac. amazing race for RV. James, you’re still my number

  8. Daniel Bloom says:

    Indy 450 Main Event

  9. Pop Uh Woody says:

    Josh Hill crammed into James. So bummed. Josh Hill needs to go practice. He
    doesn’t deserve to ride for Carey Hart and the Goat.

  10. TuningSport RD says:


  11. sean muller says:

    championship over rv 4 straight spewing chad aint there

  12. ZionHD says:

    keeeeeeney stacking the subs

  13. Giu Canbera says:

    wow! more than 120k views in 1 day! haha Great race.. awesome sport

  14. AliveMinimal says:

    Great upload, nice quality, thanks! subbing

  15. stefanojr says:

    Why can’t Stewart just stay on the bike?? Please stop crashing!!! ffs

  16. ohTwisty says:

    sucks big time about roczen and villopoto :/

  17. Jordan Riddle says:

    Dungy can only when the best start dead last lol what a cheap win for him!
    Just like he only Wins campionships when the best are hurt:/

  18. turbstlcards says:

    Best Supercross upload so far this season. Thanks.

  19. tymotoboy53 says:

    p.s. I thought alessi was banned for the rest of the season? such bull****!

  20. anton mairj says:

    i hate these technical **** tracks…

  21. Jack J says:

    Fair play to Dungey that was a star performance and RV great race

  22. Cris Movistar says:

    What’s the matter with all you pussys complaining about Alessi? Ok it was a
    harsh move…get over it and enjoy the racing!!

  23. Jeff Colard says:

    congrads to tomac,seely great stream thank you very much.Hey don’t ride
    poor allesii.Last week the AMA referee was absent? Whats up ,no penalty
    nothing for such a flagrant ghost ride.Then Allessi made the main event?The
    director of pro racing should respond with the lack of action.I guess Pay
    Back is there official policy!

  24. Tekvicious says:

    Unreal! What a gnarly track!!

  25. Lyon Young says:

    Thanks a ton for putting these up man!

  26. Wade S says:

    Thank you very much, So glad someone has taken the initiative to get decent
    quality video uploaded. Nice and quick to man. Very happy. Keep em coming,
    Will watch every week.

  27. Steve Coats says:

    Congrats to Dungy. Thank you for posting this. 

  28. Kaylyn Reynolds says:

    I was there!!!

  29. Matt Fegan says:

    all these people giving alessi **** when he has hung with the top guys for
    years but just doesnt have the same results, its a shame to be hated on for
    chasing your dreams. ive never seen him do anything dirty other than that
    one mishap with tickle, and whos to say it was on purpose 

  30. walken199 says:

    its a small thing to do to cheer a rider when he goes down! it does not
    mater what Alessi has don no riders should be bood or cheered when they hit
    the ground 

  31. gary moningoff says:

    Thanks for the GREAT upload of the race.

  32. Ryan Miller says:

    just got home from there! good racing, to bad stewart, rv, and roczen went
    down at the start. would of liked to see them go at it the whole race
    instead of playing catch up. still amazing job from rv and stewart coming

  33. Wes German says:

    Thanks for the upload! As for Dungey, he only wins when RV goes down or
    doesn’t race. Same way Chad Reed was to Stewart.

  34. McGoauld says:


  35. Robin Andersson says:

    Great upload!

  36. Severious says:

    Congrats to Dungey. For some reason, I had a feeling it would be his
    night. Ugliest start of the 450 season!
    I am a JS7 fan. No replay of the second pile-up after the start. More bad
    luck. Looked like someone turned right into his front end and pinched him
    out. It was all so sloppy.
    Still, getting to 7th from 21st was not only respectable, it was indeed a
    work of art. Though I want to see wins and podiums, I have to say it is
    still thrilling to see that kind of ride.
    Fastest qualifier; heat race winner; says the Team program is where it
    needs to be. Just the bad luck, or real probability, in racing that
    matters too. JS7 skill and machinery are ready to take it. I think it’l

  37. Julie Bloomfield says:

    Thank you so much for the upload!

  38. Cameron Barry says:

    Thanks heaps for the upload mate. Keep it up

  39. James Latham says:

    Am I the only one who thinks whoever uploaded this is a retard? Why go
    through all the effort of being one of the first people to upload this race
    for us all to watch, then use ryan and Kenny crashing in the start as the
    video caption?!?! You might as well have just put the results in the title.

  40. brianq103 says:

    Thanks very much for the upload. Rogers cable sucks!!!!!

  41. scott folks says:

    Thank you for downloading and sharing with non cable hostages….golf ,
    hockey,college bball all on network tv and supercross isn’t!!!! doesn’t
    make sense

  42. nick7219295 says:

    Why everyone hate on alessi? Cause he took out tickle. Big ****ing whoop
    pussys. RC took people out all the ****ing time

  43. Karkh says:

    Thank you from norway :)

  44. justin henderson says:

    Stewart should retire.

  45. Blake Howard says:

    tomac draggin the bars 7:06

  46. Randy M says:

    you da man..

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