Lets Play – Motocross Madness

AH crew is back playing Motocross Madness! RT Store: http://roosterteeth.com/store/ Rooster Teeth: http://roosterteeth.com/ Achievement Hunter: http://achievementhunter.com Subscribe to the…

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47 Responses to "Lets Play – Motocross Madness"

  1. Khaotic Neutral says:

    Basically League of Legends.

  2. Deklin Gutter says:

    At 3:00 nice Top Gear reference Gavin!

  3. IKEA Warrior says:

    2pac Eminem for 50 cent.

  4. Gameultraman7 says:

    These guys should play Mario Kart, that would be spectacular.

  5. TucsonianEskimo says:

    3:33 just sayin

  6. Duck says:

    They should play Forza on the Xbox One and all make custom cars.

  7. Fragacide says:

    Lol so many idiots don’t understand the joke.

  8. Taylor Bell says:

    “Giant dummy” Gavin is so cute

  9. PsychoFish13 says:

    15:55 Ghost Rider! Lol

  10. scabbynacker says:

    You talked about it coming out and it came out!

  11. 117darksonic says:

    Jesus christ the whining is strong with this comment section. 

  12. TheKroganMaster says:

    Holy ****, people are so pissy over Geoff having the better bike, its a
    ****ing LP calm down. If the AH guys don’t care…you know becasue its
    game, neither should you. 

  13. jeffrey murray says:

    iceland is not actually ice this game needs to get its facts straight

  14. JokerRage13 says:

    to settle the D12 discussion, Bugz and Proof are dead

  15. kidnick101 says:

    R.I.P Tupac. :( 

  16. Abraman says:

    So it seems like instead of releasing Let’s Play videos just Monday and
    Wednesday, we’re guaranteed a video on Monday and Wednesday, and other than
    that they just release Let’s Plays whenever they feel like it.

  17. GammaGames says:

    I really want to see the group to a LP in Mario Kart 8 when it comes out…
    Nintendo has stopped claiming gameplay that is edited so it should be fine!

  18. SuperDaaaaavid says:

    Game looks god though

  19. Wikko Sco says:

    The amount of boohooing on this video is hilarious.

  20. Michael Power says:

    happy birthday

  21. DeathCarrots says:

    I laughed so hard when Gavin said you taste like a fishy ****

  22. MaZe FaZe says:

    Why don’t you guys cry some more… Smh.
    Again like I said it when Ray won the last Go!
    “Some call it cheap I call it smart” On Geoff part Lol…

  23. iRasmusi RfoKid says:

    technically its not AH sense ryan isn’t there ….

  24. Tom Bomb says:

    3:00 that Top Gear “Gambon” reference from Gavin <3

  25. GageMT says:


  26. Cameron Crawford says:

    I’m pretty sure everyone expect for Proof from D12 is still alive.

  27. Tristan Bellman-Greenwood says:

    +1 for Gambon Corner!

  28. Konki says:

    Gambon corner INSTANT thumbs up!

  29. Alli D. says:

    This must’ve been recorded a year ago cause Gavin’s birthday is May 23

  30. Dav Roller says:

    D12 is still around and is about to release an album, but two of the
    original members are dead

  31. Bacon Beater says:

    wheres ryan

  32. jons says:


  33. TheGarfield0 says:

    Man, this comment section is so salty, it’s raising my blood pressure

  34. Khalil Teller says:

    Minecraft episode 101 is ice cube, they posted it on twitter on the
    @achievementhunt page. Can’t wait till later

  35. Alex Ross says:

    Wow I was looking for this. Michael said Geoff won like a month ago. 

  36. Devon Cook says:

    Where’s Gambon corner? Gavin free with the Top Gear reference 

  37. Matthew Abraham says:

    They really need to make a WWE poster featuring gavins hawk noise

  38. FearWillFindYou says:

    Aw, no Ryan? :c

  39. Jalcatraz Z says:


  40. Ahad Habeeb says:

    Hey Gavin’s birthday is right before mine!

  41. That random guy says:

    That ice track was supposed to be Greenland

  42. Tame Wolf says:

    Michael said he “surmised” that Gavin crashed which by definition surmise
    is that you ****ume something that turns out to be true without evidence
    even though Michael’s evidence was that he had heard and seen on the map
    that Gavin had stopped.

  43. andrei palattao says:

    For the people who think people are complaining about Geoff using a better
    bike, its probaly more about how Geoff constantly brags about winning……
    Also it bugs me how i occasionally see how some of them kiss up to Geoff

  44. naomisomething says:

    “You taste like a fishy ****.” Gavin Free everybody

  45. m.m.snow says:

    Geoff with that dub 7 :D

  46. Nick S says:

    what is the name of the song they keep singing “oh oh oh oh oh”? It’s been
    stuck in my head and can’t think of the name!!!!

  47. muerte720 says:

    If memory serves me right, everyone in D12 other than Proof and Bugz is
    still alive.

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