Motocross- 2 Strokes Vs 4 Strokes: The Ultimate Showdown

Eccles Vs. Eccles. Cousin Vs. Cousin. KTM vs KTM. 85cc Vs 250f…. 2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke. This is the ultimate battle, the ultimate showdown between the two s…

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42 Responses to "Motocross- 2 Strokes Vs 4 Strokes: The Ultimate Showdown"

  1. Tiger12339 says:

    4T Forever !

  2. pierce2329 says:

    2 strokes sre a thing in the past

  3. tonypybus says:

    The EPA had absolutely nothing to do with the demise of 2 strokes in motocross and supercross.

  4. Neon Moto says:

    Yep that would make it slot obvious that four strokes would be better because they are on a bigger bike yep gotcha not. Put a 125 2 banger up against a 250 then see the competision.

  5. TheHyperix says:

    Cant beat the 2 banger

  6. Metalgearlee1 says:

    The EPA caused the demise of the 2 stroke…but still, there’s nothing like the smell of premix!

  7. Obert106 says:

    So your going to answer the age old question by pitting an 85cc against a 250f? That makes perfect sense

  8. The125kxman says:

    4 stroke sorry

  9. Gemma Hardman says:

    2 stroke is better,more fun and cheaper,loads cheaper to maintain,everypro rider now needs to scrap there 4 strokes and go 2 stroke they are the ones who are making the 2 smoke extinct,

  10. alexandros alexakis says:

    HONDA !!!!
    Ελλαδαα ..!!

  11. JbFix says:

    boys and girls.. I ride a 250 2stroke.. and I see the most reason problems at muddy races.. there are the 4 strokers faster..

    btw its **** funny with a 2 stroke.. but not really fast..

  12. megadeth fan says:

    2T all the way imo and as for people saying 4 strokes are better coz all ama pro`s are riding them…its coz the stop`d make`n 2T bikes or the pro`s would still be on them just look at all the junior , amature and semi pro`s…there all on 2T untill they hit pro and you get on a 4T 450….once companys like KTM perfect the EFI 2T look out coz its pay back time

  13. 420oneal says:

    2 stroke for life!

  14. Alan Guiver says:

    ride what you prefer, dont judge others based on your own preferences….

  15. twinkmaster2 says:

    4 strokes sound about 13.5 times better than 2 strokes to be really honest

  16. Paanki123 says:

    250f vs. a 85? Thats a joke,  isn’t it?!

  17. marekcernikktm says:

    Only two storke

  18. mypete1963 says:

    2 stroke
    let em scream
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  19. Ryan King says:

    it depends what your intention for the bike is, if you’re abit tight on money a two stroke is better because you don’t have to maintain as much, due to being less moving parts in the engine and they make you a better rider for the future, whereas a 4 stroke is a more modern, developed bike that has had many alterations to make it nearly as good as the 2 strokes, soon 4 strokes will be as good as 2 strokes of the same capacity, obvs in a few years

  20. shane owens says:

    it was an 85 if it was a 125 the 250f woukda been stomped they need to do a 250 2t and a 450 4t….2 stroke all the way

  21. MrCleowaite says:

    I want a 3stroke!!

  22. MrCleowaite says:

    I love 4stroke and 2stroke, but if all the top mx riders are racing 4strokes there must be a reason for it…

  23. jimmy beardy says:


  24. jimmy beardy says:

    eh ,,, not according to james stuart who tried a 250 yz and said its proper poop ! ,, 2t hit its peak power years ago ,, now the rise of the 4t :)

  25. Emmett Bowman says:

    2 strokes all da way :) #2strokes

  26. tyler tolley says:

    You morons always we’ll the pros never ride the 2-strokes so 4-strokes must be better. You need to actually read crap too. The pros actually prefer 2-stroke it’s just that they quit being developed and plus AMA rules state that the 250 2-strokes have to run 450 4-strokes since they are so fast. Notice if someone put money into a 2-stroke they will destroy the competition.

  27. Zachary Washburn says:


  28. Gage Breadner says:

    The easiest way to tell whats best is to see what the pro guys are running… how many of them do you see running two strokes? And if any are at all they are no where close to the front of the pack. Four strokes use power throught the whole gear botton and top and a four stroke can stay in its top speed longer then a two stroke bc two stroke is constantly shifting. So there you go four stroke is much better than two stroke.

  29. ian burns says:

    2 smoker all the way . Four strokes are easer to ride cuz they are for those who cant keep the momentum up on a two stroke and bitch like like **** cuz they arnt winning . A two stroke rider will beat any one on a four stroke riding one but some one who has never rode a two stroke wont be able to ride a two stroke how you should

  30. Brian Langhorst says:

    Have one of each, end of argument.
    Done and Done

  31. motorjeff211 says:

    there is a reason that the pros ride 4-strokes, its because there better……

  32. jack molyneux says:

    4 stroke for ever

  33. jonathan cope says:

    And no **** a 250f is faster than a 85….a good comparison would be a 500 two stroke against anything they could make up

  34. jonathan cope says:

    Put it out there against a 250 sx

  35. ProMotoEX SX says:

    ok,i dont have anything with 4 stroker`s but man the sound and the power of a 2 stroke make my pennis grow up SO BRAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPP !

  36. Ben Saunders says:

    motocross started with 2 strokes… that’s why i ride them, cheaper to fix and much lighter and a whole lot faster if you know how to ride one.

    seems like an easy choice for me 2 stroke for ever <3

  37. clint lund says:

    Im going to vote this one down because that was not a fair comparison

  38. averee94 says:

    No bike can beat the lovely sound of a 2 stroke braaaaaappp! And the speed of a 2 stroke is Uncomparable 2 stroke forever

  39. thomas pileski says:

    2 stroke 125 is the best!

  40. Kade dv says:

    2 stroke I ride an 85

  41. Gabriel Gatti says:

    4 stroke 4 ever!!!!

  42. MrKaneShaw says:

    You can’t compare a 85 and 250f! For racing purpose a 4stroke is better but for enjoyment a 2stoke

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