Motocross ALL DAY: SC3

Instagram: @derekhallman Watch in HD! This is subscriber compilation 3! Thank you guys so much for your great submissions. I tried to make this video a bit longer than the previous ones…

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48 Responses to "Motocross ALL DAY: SC3"

  1. Derek Hallman says:

    Can’t wait to edit the next one!

  2. SwiftRoost says:

    awesome as always man!

  3. DallasMX says:

    Awesome, good job!!!

  4. xxtimtheplayaxx says:

    Wheres my bike?

  5. TehDefo says:

    Thanks Derek For Putting In My Clips. – 0:04 – 0:06 , 2:17 – 2:19 , and 2:20
    – 2:24

  6. JackBmxc says:

    Awesome! Thanks for using a ton of my clips! 

  7. Ride Qc says:

    Yes SIR one of my clips made it! Thank you so much man!

  8. MotoX99 says:

    came out great ! good job man ! if I want part ofy gopro in there what do I
    gotta do ???

  9. Elias Sattelmayer says:

    Great video ! Which song?

  10. Willpreasee says:

    Great video r u planning on working on a new fail compilation anytime soon?

  11. Aden Bennett says:

    great video as always derek, thanks

  12. LNeglia13 says:

    Can we still send in clips, and if so, how?

  13. chris konidis says:

    Is motocross/supercross very popular in america cause im australian and no
    one watches it over here

  14. bdseidler says:

    What a concept. Take and edit other people’s footage and making something
    that is entertaining to watch. Most people don’t have the time to sit on
    the computer for days on end and edit gig loads of footage. I would like to
    submit some of my footage but how do I do that? How do i send it to you.
    Could u make a video explaning the how to send you clips? Do you want raw
    footage or cut up clips? I have more then I know what to do with. Let me
    know….I’m sure I have something you could use.
    BTW great edit and good job putting this viddy together. bd

  15. TheDirtBiker3898 says:

    hey derek is the ttr125 even good?

  16. JUST a NORMAL GUY svensson says:

    awesome video like Always!

  17. Regboy2011 says:

    2:37 +yami shaynizle And @Naki Riders your in this Video Be proud :)

  18. Emmanuel Crossa says:

    Muy bueno! Excelente!!

  19. pure2strokepower says:

    Great bike I have a few I use as pitbikes we ride the crap out of them one
    is 15 years old and still reliable.

  20. JJCrosser301 says:

    Very nice Compilation ;)

  21. DirtFr43 says:

    awesome !! 1:21

  22. Luke Hynam says:

    Awesome video Derek keep em rolling

  23. Martin Munoz says:

    do a ronnie mac video!!!

  24. Adam Richards says:

    At 2:24 that fella is hucking

  25. Asbjørn Gravergaard says:

    Only gonners ride kawi

  26. KarkkainenProduction says:

    0:41 and 3:45 (y) thanks :3 feel free guys to check some more 2-stroke
    ripping from my channel c:

  27. Krissu Play says:

    Awesome! Good job!

  28. Thee Murphy says:

    thanks for using my clip :) 2:19

  29. Austin Lackey says:

    Do you mind if I share this video on twitter Facebook etc.. if I say Derek
    Hallman put together a great video 

  30. Jimbo Hayden says:


  31. Dylan Jornod says:

    Great job by the way !

  32. tyler buckingham says:

    Here’s an idea for an instagram giveaway! Have everyone submit a VIDEO of
    them riding and you choose 3 of the most creative ones!

  33. Warpig Untamed says:

    made it in again :) thx man keep up the great work :)

  34. KickOusFilms says:

    Awesome edit!!! Thanks for using some of my clips! I’m looking forward to
    send you some more clips for sc4. 

  35. TheDirtBiker3898 says:

    **** YEH more wheelies!

  36. Austin Lackey says:

    Dude, you sure know how to make some killer videos, keep it up, I check you
    channel ever week!!

  37. Dylan Jornod says:

    And what about supermoto ?

  38. "LIVE TO RIDE""RIDE TO LIVE" says:

    Nice .. Derek Hallman…..!!!!

  39. UMAD Member says:

    Bullseye! <3 you and this Song :3

  40. ConnorCairns says:


  41. martin soalkov says:

    Nice guys , good video i like it :)

  42. Dynuhmyte says:

    Awesome! Make a goon riding compilation too

  43. mxmadd85kx says:

    Great job as normal epic edit

  44. Zach Maclean says:


  45. Eathan Noah says:

    Hey Derek are these ur videos i meant like did u make it or search them?? 

  46. PurpleHope13 says:

    very good job dude!! i have already new stuff xD and thankin again for
    taken my vids!!
    ride it loud&dirty!!!!

  47. joão mário Pereira says:

    muito bom !!!!!!eu to apenas começando a fazer trilha e seus videos me

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