Motocross EMX125 Championship Italy (Fermo) 2012 Race 2

European Motocross Championship Round 2 Fermo (Italy) 29.04.2012.

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49 Responses to "Motocross EMX125 Championship Italy (Fermo) 2012 Race 2"

  1. bobby moore says:

    That moment when your two stroke hits the powerband :o

  2. Kleiton rodrigues says:

    tennho uma 125 ktm

  3. ridermike221 says:

    Adam Cianciarulo would smoke these guys on his supermini.

  4. noobek91 says:

    Yes, Tim Gajser THE LEGEND! Slovenija is with you! I hope you will also
    upload EMX2 race which will be 3th june in Saint Jean d’Angely (I hope also
    with Tim if he would be fit after injury) and then again EMX125 races which
    will be 10th, 17th june and 1st july. Tim, I wish you fast recovery and
    come back stronger !

  5. Jordan Kraft says:

    skip to the race( 2:40 )like so people will see.

  6. roflcopterisreal says:

    2 strokes. Speak all languages.

  7. ssrider7 says:

    Tim won again!Hes unstopable….even he crashed in last lap! YEAH! thank
    you so much for this uploads!!!

  8. Dylan Stokes says:

    the Americans are the best look at roczen he went over to america and got
    his arse kicked so please get your facts straight before you comment

  9. lolerbabop says:

    I guess the track isnt as easy.

  10. Eeppinen Nakki says:

    @Dylan Stokes wtf? guy finished 4th overall and won a moto? and there is no
    “american tracks” in europe, so the tracks were new for him.. and who got
    their arses kicked in mxon? was it team usa :)?

  11. Oscar Thornley says:

    true. but obviously its preferable to have a newer bike

  12. 111Hodgie907 says:

    Its cool they still race 125s in europe but dont be so quick to say euros
    are the fastest because of 1 year mishap at des nations. next year when
    villipoto is back healthy he is the fastest man on the planet and there is
    no argument about that. cool you won one but dont talk yourselfs up too
    much just yet. Villipoto,Dungey,Stewart,Baggett,Tomac no other country in
    the world has that many of the fastest guys from just one country. Im not
    taking away from the euros they did good at lommel

  13. Oscar Thornley says:

    they stopped making 125’s in 07


    quand je regarde des video comme celle ci l’image n’est pas terrible il n’y
    a pas ****ez de pixel pour tant mon imac est nouveau et les video sur
    YouTube son réglé sur Automatique merci a vous de m’avoir lut. Mr Frederick

  15. redbullguycrf150r says:

    put barcia on a 125 in this cl**** and he would lap the 2nd place

  16. Edgar Costa says:

    Looks like a KTM trophy :(

  17. Mitch Tomasin says:

    there all 2012 and new they didnt stop making them in 07 dip**** ktm still
    makes them

  18. Clumsy-_-Ninja says:

    3rd not 3th

  19. noobek91 says:

    Hi suzukifan2010! ;) Will you upload 2.race or (and) 1.race of EMX125 which
    was in Agueda at saturday and sunday? :)) Tnx man! :)

  20. racermom411 says:

    so many KTM

  21. KICKERMAN124 says:

    sorry but its true now if your talking about sand track the foreign riders
    in america would sweep everything but on dry tracks, mud, and textured soil
    we will win

  22. suzukifan2010 says:

    Next round is Agueda (Portugal) France it’s emx2 with 4stroke.

  23. airstyle ktm says:

    now this is motocross!

  24. noobek91 says:

    yes I know next EMX125 race is 10th june in Agueda in Portugal. But I hope
    you will also upload EMX2 4 stroke race which will be in France in Saint
    Jean d’Angely and this race will be on same day as MX1, MX2. Or what are
    plans about uploading? :)

  25. Henka Toivonen says:

    bravo Tim!!

  26. xxxMOTOXxxx says:


  27. Wavvvvvvves says:

    grat job! Let the emx 125 on youtube go on!

  28. jonasv19 says:

    25 mins +1 lap

  29. Oscar Thornley says:


  30. Robitussin Ethanol says:

    Man 125s are weak.

  31. Matt Maxted says:

    tim did not crash did he?

  32. Mike Collins says:

    You have a funny way of making up your own facts. For one, I will argue you
    about Villipoto being the fastest. Cairoli and Herrlings to name but just
    two, won the MXDN very easily..Cairoli comes from Italy, with a population
    around 60 million and Herrlings from the Netherlands with about 16 million
    The usa with well over 300 million should (by your reasoning) should easly
    have the top 30 riders. To say that the Euros winning was a mishap simply
    shows how ignorant you are

  33. KICKERMAN124 says:

    i didnt know that making podium finishes all year long and almost winning
    the championship was getting your **** kicked

  34. noobek91 says:

    tnx man again for upload EMX125 2.race!

  35. MetricHotrodsdotcom says:

    He was talking about Hondas, and yes he is right, 07 was the last year of
    the CR125. Looks like you’re the dip****, homie.

  36. piprik says:

    You must be some PRO rider i guess…. OR faggot who thinks that 125 are
    weak,& buy 450 and they are ripping full gas on straight road,thinking
    “look how cool i am”

  37. ykid1195 says:

    was ktm having a sale?

  38. Chase Bargo says:

    that track is so sweet

  39. MrFranco969 says:

    How many laps were in the race.

  40. Aleš Novak says:

    Užitek ga je gledati. Še bo prišel njegov čas, ko ga bomo gledali kot SC
    prvaka! :)

  41. raph ael says:

    Thanks suzukifan2010!!!

  42. ssrider7 says:

    35.46 hehe his dad Bogomir:pa dej mu,dej papir papir….na obriši se k maš
    use kri! Tim:Ahhhh…. Bogo:pa če maš kri no! HAHAHA Translate:his dad:Give
    him a paper….a paper. here wipe your nose,your bloody. Tim:Ahhhhh!
    Bogo:But you have blood,come on!! (lol,dad will stay dad…you cant imagine
    how happy i am for Gajser family,finally Slovenian guy on top,destroying
    everyone!) RESPECT TO TIM AND FAMILY…..EVERYONE!!Keep him where he
    is,because his talent is UNIQUE!We never had so big mx hope!

  43. NikyRipy says:

    Perche non lo vediamo nOi italiani?? Ma solo MX1-MX2

  44. nutfukkinjob says:

    These riders are men.. 250f riders are little bitchy fags lol

  45. DoMy554 says:

    Thumps UP for Tim!! Bravo Tim!

  46. ssrider7 says:

    T-I-M G-A-J-S-E-R!!!!

  47. nutfukkinjob says:

    yep, American… I need say no more.

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