Nick de Wit’s backyard freestyle motocross course

Follow all the X-Fighters action here: http://redbullxfighters.com Freestyle motocross athlete Nick de Wit takes us on a tour through his backyard training facility and the local FMX scene…

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13 Responses to "Nick de Wit’s backyard freestyle motocross course"

  1. Fraisse Kévin says:

    Why just 360p ? Can not we have HD ?

  2. Mathis Krueger says:

    Why cant people understand that YouTube takes it´s time to set the videos
    to HD/full HD?
    Is it really that difficult to understand that?

  3. Charles Vançon says:

    First commentary :)

  4. damon timmermans says:

    they where dutch 😀 

  5. Travis Poole says:


  6. Rainbow Gaming says:

    No HD?

  7. XxAtomix112 says:

    Playback error :/

  8. Alex Waplington says:


  9. GoMoe24 says:

    What’s the song when he’s riding?

  10. KomentatorVseyaRusi says:

    Сук, на айпаде не робит!

  11. jack01098 says:

    No HD lately?

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