Riding a supercross track unwound – Red Bull Straight Rhythm

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44 Responses to "Riding a supercross track unwound – Red Bull Straight Rhythm"

  1. alexandre10023 says:

    Someone played too much mad skills motocross ahah

  2. Greg Poole says:

    Is this the future of Moto??

  3. Charter Con says:

    That looks so fun. I love the chopper cams too. More of those!

  4. Hoon Jung says:

    freaking love this

  5. AARON LASHER says:

    Awesome idea !!! And that camera and the footage wow!!!!

  6. Jake Woolley says:

    drag racing for moto

  7. CLG GRAFF says:

    out matt schubring on this track!

  8. Nick Str says:

    Very Nice Video

  9. Adrian Usman says:

    Still not as cool as red bull rampage 

  10. Carlos Rivera says:


  11. IExposeMormonism says:

    RED BULL:: You’ll Always get more punch for your buck investing in moto/SX
    racing than in Any other form of racing. What $2million does for a race
    bike is a days research in F1. Literally. Imagine investing in SX
    suspension research and getting an advantage while others have to struggle
    in darkness. All the good race action is in motorcycle racing be it MotoGP
    or MX/SX.

  12. ruben de miguel says:

    The first like

  13. YeahItsKindaCool says:

    if they do this they should do half mile forward and then another back,
    that would be cool imo

  14. Audikontroller1 says:

    That looks awesome!

  15. LeoXZ9 - Drawing says:

    1080p *-* 

  16. Syed Abu Thahir says:

    they missed RV2 here?? well he is with monster energy for their all luck
    !! otherwise…:D

  17. ninja2kernow says:

    show us more head to head racing from this event,did we see malcom beat
    bubba.love all the footage from this event,more please.

  18. SUPERIONWINS says:

    better than NASCAR

  19. TheCaps35 says:

    Arent the corners the best part of the track? I dont see the appeal here.

  20. Kel Ward says:

    Finally some one has come up with the Idea of drag racing for dirt bike,
    LOVE IT!!!!
    I love the way Red Bull thinks, always trying something new and different.
    Its a shame I don’t like the taste of their product ;-(

  21. Noah lepley says:

    Why did james stewart switch to suzuki

  22. HONDASBEST says:

    One of the best Red Bull ideas to date. The only problem is, how would you
    fit it in with Supercross/Motocross seasons?

  23. TEFLON DON says:

    I dont even know what to say; there is no sport on earth better than

  24. padge6108 says:

    Real life EXCITE BIKE!

  25. BCabral43 says:

    thats about all the awesomeness you can possibly put in a straight line….

  26. sorel93 says:

    justin bogle sounds like he has something stuck… in his ****..

  27. jorge cardenas says:

    Where are they gonna find a piece of land to hold an event of that
    magnitude. Red bull said **** the monster cup

  28. Merlin Dreamwolf says:


  29. Ronny Ramirez says:

    Where is this track?

  30. Jake Eldridge says:

    5 people are vegetables

  31. Cheebahh says:

    Dude this is intense! I can see this getting into x-games, **** maybe even
    a far future Olympic games. So many decent designs for courses for these
    events, using burs or even loops

  32. Wog Cakes says:

    This is the best thing i have ever seen since well ever!

  33. Stephen Bos says:

    justin bogle’s voice is quite scary

  34. TheAwGooner says:

    haha its like mad skills mx

  35. GyroticArts says:

    looks amazing

  36. freestylemx198 says:

    this is better than ****

  37. Dj Mário Afonso says:

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  38. apshinyn says:

    The one dude sounds like a male version of Bonnie Swanson from Family Guy

  39. Moritz Payer says:

    Justin Bogle sounds ****a gay

  40. Damles Copien says:

    Musquin is the best ! :D

  41. bogrider904 says:

    What kinda of bikes r they
    kinda hard to get a good look?

  42. Jack Setian says:

    Two Words. Tiny Wings.

  43. Konrad Burchardt says:

    This is amazing! Def a very good idea!

  44. Bob van de Leur says:

    I have to give a heads up to the cameramen and editors on all of the Red
    Bull videos on this channel. Flawless filming and editing everytime. Keep
    up the great work!

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